Monday, April 14, 2008


Theirs are public lives that could be summed-up with simplicity, poise and silence yet at the other side they could pro-actively deliver beating their male counter part, yet again they remain humble as if telling everyone, these work loads should have to be done, while others dare the tasks, no other choice shouldn’t be left undone.

These are their common traits as silent performers, they humbly deliver fanfare in the name of public service benefiting their constituents, be at the city or countryside. Let’s discover more the natural talents in them.


How many times has you heard when anybody says: “I wouldn’t run for congress if it’s Ivy I had to beat”. He may be right, Cong. Ivy is hard to beat. She’s tough and even tougher at the homestretch. She works hard and aims even harder if the situation suggests. She sets her goal and seemed tireless till she accomplishes it. She never stops and won’t settle for anything less.

There are some of her in-born qualities so who would beat that? Her mindset is focused on where she is needed most. No excuse, no complain and won’t even surrender if what she’ll do she thinks is right. There’ll be even no reluctance on her part even if it will mean crossing the seas, traveling by air or walking on the trails, just to get to where the problem is.

There’s no problem big or small that escapes attention for her strict scrutiny. She was Chairman of the Committee on Water of the City Council when the necessity of Public hearing arises. She needed background information for the committee she heads, she trekked the trails of Malabanban Water Shed , climb mountain for the technical knowledge and in return the committee hearing went on as scheduled with corresponding legislation made.

Her energy to reach people is an asset. No barangay was too remote, no house was too far and no voters are too few in her campaign sorties the fact that she meets more people above all others combined. It always pays off. She top the councilors’ derby in 2004, then surprised political heavyweights last May 2007 in her quest for the congressional seat.

San Pablo City’s Sangguniang Panlunsod loss is Laguna’s Third District gain but nobody as saying goes ever go too far on literal stiff neck. She makes it a point to turn back whenever necessary.

The fate of thousand workers at Franklin Baker Co. benefited from her caresses. Before anyone else took notice, she was in Singapore talking to its new owners, conserving the little amount of chances to save the company from closing shop. Negotiations are still ongoing. No wonder Cong. Ivy continues to live up from her constituent’s expectations. She always enhances the pulse of the people. Lately she responded to the calls of majority of San Pableños’ dream when she filed HB 2662 in Congress. She’s on the track to people’s aspiration, a return of seven wonderful lakes to the city and its populace who really own them.

Kudos to Beauty and Brain Congresswoman Ivy Arago!


This woman shines from among her peers as public servant, as silent achiever on her own right, a complete epitome of her advocacies, a career woman who feels her day to be empty if her accomplishment is nil as she is a replica of what a model woman in public service should be. Her worthy activities uplifted many in the past, yet remains unweary until now and surely the days to come.

Councilor Ellen T. Reyes didn’t run to be a city legislator, she was rewarded by her achievements , pushed forward by her simplicity, compounded by outstanding deeds as she was prevailed upon to assume a seat at Sangguniang Panlunsod, though even then as candidate she was considered as run away winner.

As workaholic. Coun. Ellen’s policy is hands on everything she does. She’s quite particular even to the smallest details so as to make sure the results will be in its nearest perfection. Her industry and talents compliments compatibility which put all things in right order. She may not know that she’s an object of envy as a result of her passion for completeness.

When she’s not around in her 6th storey-suite office at City Hall Building, it doesn’t mean she’s not working, when SP is not in session it doesn’t mean inactivity or anywhere around the City Hall compound it doesn’t mean she hibernating because chances are, she’s in her kingdom in a secluded place called Women Center where her advocacies began.

She’s always there busy training housewives, she’s there to change lives of her constituents and she’s there giving hope to the unemployed. she’s always there giving her share a war against poverty, a mandate she imposed upon herself for love of mankind.(SANDY BELARMINO)

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