Sunday, April 6, 2008


San Pablo City - Now on its 13th year, the processing of documents for renewal of business permits inside the building constructed specifically for that purpose, continue to lure or entice observers from far and near local government units, to include some mayors from Papua New Gunea and Vietnam, according to City Administrator Loreto S. Amante, who personally supervised the processing activities at the now famous One Stop Processing Center of San Pablo City.

As a norm established by Mayor Vicente B. Amante in January of 1996 to fast track the processing of applications for renewal of business permit and license, all offices and agencies involved in the processing of the documents assigned responsible personnel at the One Stop Processing Center, viz: Office of the City Engineer, City Health Office, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Office of the City Assessor. The City Treasurer and the Chief of Business Permit and License Division have permanent spaces or cubicles at the center.

The Department of Trade and Industry, the Social Security System (SSS), the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and the National Food Authority are also being provided with spaces up to the 20th day of January.

If the applicants could present all the requirements prescribed by law, the processing must be completed within 30 minutes, but sometimes, the movement of papers are delayed at the Cashier’s Counter because as a rule, only bonded Treasury personnel are authorized to accept payments and to issue the corresponding receipt in behalf of the City Treasurer.

Miss Marieta P. Mabilangan, Chief of the Business Permit and License Division, said application for renewal of business permit and license will be accepted up to January 20, and delayed applicants will be charged with a 25% surcharge of the fees they are suppose to pay. She added that new registrant will be entertain after January 20.

A planning officers from Palau, and a district mayor from Vietnam, made a common observation that the Amante”s One Stop Processing Center is truly functional, for it is a temple where mass wedding are being held; a theater for it is an ideal venue for public convocations; and a gymnasium/auditorium where cultural presentation can be performed. It is an atrium or court yard for investment-friendly local government transactions.(7LPC)

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