Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Visitors of resorts in San Pablo can totally enjoy the mirth it offers if they can discover the unique stories of their simple beginnings, where synopsis will spark splendor. Summed up by aspiration accomplished through patience and perseverance.

Each resort has its own story to tell unparalleled by any plot of whoever playwright though events may be subtle but just the same, the human interest behind is inviting, that clamors universal appeal. Resorts, big or small in this city, rests on solid foundations where legends though untold are interesting discovery and fine as any other success story one can hear and learn.

Its name will suggest how it got started. This year’s run-away winner as best resort in the province was once a garden, supplier of ornamental plants and grasses for best landscapers in Manila. It eventually became family rendezvous during weekends until it indulged to the wishes of the clan that a swimming pool be built.

Even then, indulgence was not that easy. The owner had to take into account the financial aspect of the facility yet when there is passion positively visualized, the tough gets going. Honoring his grandmothers on both sides, Mr. Alex Emlano labeled it MARIA PAZ Royale Garden Resort at Barangay Sta. Filomena (Banlagin).

Faith established TIERRA DE ORO Hotel and Resort in Barangay San Antonio (Balanga) along the stretch of Km. 89 Maharlika Highway. Tourism statistics in the city was still blurred, project study was based to none yet faith always beat science. Atty. and Mrs. Marius Zabat have faith in their venture, they have on tourist discriminating taste, they have faith on fellow San Pableños and they have faith in themselves. When faith to a vision resides, nobody will ever fail.

The impetus is for nature, built primarily as butterfly habitat, DIOKO’S BUTTERFLY FARM and RESORT gained well-deserved prominence out of this extra-ordinary sanctuary, it housed insects that symbolized flowering plants, later with other wild life and fowls, this resort is one of the best thing to happen in Brgy. San Joaquin and to City of Seven Lakes as well.

With a heart that listens, heart that understands and heart that cares ROCKPOINT HOTEL and RESORT is the city’s last hurrah. Owned and operated by Antonio Family at Brgy. San Antonio 2 (SAPA), this resort-hotel offers personalized service at its best, so tempting for tourist to end their journey to rest and relax, on modern ambiance yet with environment of tranquility. In fact its an edifice with a heart.

Enjoy the cool and calmness of resorts in San Pablo City and immerse to search the myths. (SANDY BELARMINO/7LPC)

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