Sunday, March 27, 2011


San Pablo City- Supreme Court Associate Justice Arturo D. Brion inducted incoming officials of elite San Pablo Bar Association in a fitting ceremony here also attended by Court of Appeals Justice Danton Q. Bueser. IBP Vice-President Atty. Roan I. Libarios and other legal luminaries of the profession last Thursday.

Brion lauded the assumption of Atty. Hizon A. Arago to the presidency of San Pablo Bar Association along with Atty. Antonio A. Lat, vice- president; Atty. Ereczurez A. Lanzuela, secretary; Atty. Jerson L. Belen, Treasurer; Atty. Epifanio E. Gamo Jr., and Atty. Deogracias C. Reyes, Jr., PRO; Attys Bienvenido V. Reyes, Gregorio T. Villanueva, Dionisio G. Aquino, Antonio Lacsam, Candido G. Javaluyas, Jr., Edgardo M. Maralim and Edmundo C. Garcia, board of directors,, as he give full confidence to the association as partner and officer of the court.

Given honor during the affair was Judge Dinah Evangeline Belulia-Bandong on her promotion to the RTC Lucena and welcome recognition to new passer and members of the club.

In his inaugural message Arago assure colleagues that the association in his leadership will contribute its tradition in the effective preservation and upholding of the Rule of Law, will exercise superior degree of fairness, observe reputable and reasonable behavior and worthy partner of the judiciary in the administration of justice.

Introduced by San Pablo RTC Branch 30 Judge Agripino G. Morga, as godfather of San Pablo Bar, Brion reiterated his trust and confidence to the association as important part in the promotion of justice which the courts alone can not do without the help of the practicing bar.

With the theme “the bench and the bar side by side for justice,” present during the induction were retired judges Bienvenido Reyes, Abelardo Escoses and RTC Judges Amy Melba S, Belulia and Honorio Guanlao. Atty Butch Javier was master of the ceremony. (Sandy Belarmino. Seven Lakes Press Corps)