Sunday, April 13, 2008


If there’s something Manila, Quezon City and San Pablo City have in common as far as education is concerned, the wild guess will be – its City Science High School.

The importance of the specialized school of learning can be glimpsed or measure through the establishment of Manila Science High School way back in years at a place where the best universities and colleges stood proud on casting talents that had shaped and laid foundations of the Filipino nation, as well as minds that had built business empires and knowledge which sustained the virtuous of the academe. These schools by the way also offer secondary level of education.

The rationale behind every Science High School throughout the country is to enhance the academic excellence brought by high intelligence quotient (IQ) of elementary school graduates by providing them extra level of knowledge denied to ordinary students due to lack or poor mental receptions. Manila was followed by Quezon City, Tacloban City and some key regions of the country. The Cities of Pasay, Makati and Pasig also found the good reason of establishing Science High School of their own.

Meanwhile, Mayor Vicente B. Amante’s vision acknowledged the exigency – hence the foundation of San Pablo City Science High School (SPCSHS) three years ago. Next year, its first graduating class will march maybe not on their borrowed campus. Based on breaking news, the City Government will soon build SPCSHS its own home near DLSP. Actually it’s already on the drawing board, Mayor Amante upon consultation with DepEd, a building of ten classrooms will soon rise on a wide and spacious campus – the future realm of bright minds.

Congratulations to San Pablo City Science High School for reaching new heights, to Mrs. Helen Ramos, Head Teacher, to the faculty and employees, and to the students for clinging together with faith and for bearing with the school in its infancy years. (SANDY BELARMINO/VP-7LPC)

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