Sunday, April 13, 2008


San Pablo City – There are imaginary frames on everything which bound the limit of its existence. It’s a fact of life that that may not be at where are today hadn’t somebody before us toiled on useful new discoveries for our comfort. Can you imagine what the world would be without our heroes as well as scientists who took the pain in their days?

Stretched to the limits, some is true with our Sangguniang Panlunsod which created a vacuum due to compulsory provision of the law that mandated only three (3) successive terms. It had to remove a prominent figure who sparks the excitement through debates and legal arguments. It will not be the same again with no Dr. Egay Adajar on its halls.

But why miss a man? He’s a hell a councilor who happened to sponsor 800 resolutions and ordinances in his nine (9) years of stint in the chamber, a record still unbroken as of today. But it needs guts to have it accomplished, besides the premium of 46 lawsuits filed against him, that were pure and simple harassment to destroy his image, filed mostly by the previous city administration. As of now, he has to confront five (5) more cases as others were outrightly dismissed by the courts.

Dr. Egay was the simple reason of High School Annexes strategically located in different barangays of San Pablo City. Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo (DLSP) will not become as it is if not for him, likewise the protection children was one of his advocacies while the indigency program that assists poor San Pableños was an inspiration from his ordinance, plus many others credited to his name.

The sleepy atmosphere at Sangguniang Panlunsod despite the privilege speeches in its halls by the same perennial speaker who refused to be interpolated is enough proof of Dr. Egay’s absence in its halls, where nobody as of today had come to replaced him, much so come nearer the performances he ever achieved. (SANDY BELARMINO)

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