Monday, March 31, 2008


Makikita sa mga larawan si dating Street Parlimentarian, MMDA Chairman, Gobernador ng Laguna, Senador, Kalihim ng DILG, at kasalukuyang Manila Hotel President Atty. JOEY D. LINA, ng ito ay maging panauhing tagapagsalita sa lingguhang Flag Raising Ceremony ng lokal na pamahalaan ng San Pablo City noong nakaraang Lunes, Marso 31. (JONATHAN ANINGALAN)

Sunday, March 30, 2008


San Pablo City – Pinayuhan ni Senadora Loren Legarda ang 728 nagsipagtapos sa Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo (DLSP) na huwag panghinaan ng loob sa lumulubhang kalagayan ng bansa sapagkat may kapareho ring kalagayan nang siya ay nagtapos noong 1981, sa mensaheng kanyang ipinaabot sa ika-8 commencement exercises ng nasabing kolehiyo.

Ang national mood noong panahon ng martial law ay katulad ng nararamdaman ng bansa sa ngayon ngunit hindi dapat ikabahala at inamuki ang mga nagsipagtapos na huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa.

Ayon kay Legarda ay sa hirap na dinaranas ng bansa ay may ilang hindi nakatatapos ng elementarya, sumasahol pa sa high school ngunit sa pagtataguyod ni Mayor Vicente B. Amante ay nalulunasan ang suliranin sa pamamagitan ng mga City High School Annexes sa iba’t-ibang barangay.

Pinasalamatan rin ng senador si Amante sa pagkakatatag ng DLSP para sa mga mahihirap na mag-aaral ng lunsod dahil ito aniya’y nakatutugon sa pagkauhaw ng mga kabataan sa karunungan.

Hiniling ni Legarda sa mga nagsipagtapos na palakasin ang kanilang character. Nilinaw niya na hindi lang talino ang kailangan kundi pati sipag at disiplina. Bale wala aniya ang personalidad kung wala ang character sapagkat ang humuhubog dito ay values at kagandahang asal.

Kaugnay nito ay inialay ni Sen. Legarda sa mga magsisipagtapos ang kanyang mga naiakdang batas tulad ng Public Employment Service Office (PESO) para sa mga maghahanap ng trabaho, Countryside Barangay Business Enterprises (CBBE) sa mga nagnanais pumasok sa negosyo at law on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sa pangangailangan ng kapital. (NANI CORTEZ)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tired of corporate life as marketing director, a job which requires promotion of certain brandy to its dealers and consumers that demands eight hours of physical pressure and 24 hours of continuous mental fatigue, this young business professional instead found a routine much harder. Got stock to a new adventure that needs eight days a week-work yet its thrills filled the path with enthusiasms making it a lot more easier. He left the high paying job a yuppie would sign for, but not after transforming Torres Brandy a by-word and well-respected name in the market.

This man, Roy D. Empalmado knew something was missing but he wouldn’t know what it is and how he would come through it. He was in a hurry for self-discovery but quite in quandary until he became fascinated to a century old ancestral house in Quezon Province that was for sale through auction. From that moment on Roy was at the forefront of a challenge.

Bidders were surplus iron sheets dealers, businessmen with know how on vintage wood products hoping to smash windfall profits on every board foot of its flooring, house parts, stairs, door “hambas”, window panes and others. At their employ were careless individuals out to take apart the edifice without caution hoping that damage sections could be used as firewood anyway.

Roy won’t allow these men to destruct a heritage, can’t allow either to backslide from the past and desecrate the bridge to the future. He thought of reinforcing the bridge, an idea to restore the old world to its rightful place without affecting its original image. Naturally he won the bidding on the strength of his noble intention. He now owns the ancestral house on as is, where is basis.

Meanwhile, an associate of his, Arthur T. Reyes is engaged in an antique business. Roy presented an irresistible idea, that of creating a hallway to the past, backtracking the grandeur of its dream and conserving the importance of his new-found treasure. Lest they knew, they were in to an ambitious project, a venture with no promise of outright dividends. Days in, nights out they were at it and into the tedious task ahead.

Attaining perfection became the call of the hour. Each section of the old house carefully numbered and meticulously measured to the last fraction of an inch. Its lay out considered and foundations taken into account. The doors, windows, walls and the roof replicated into its tiniest details to achieve the exact image of said ancestral house. There were much trials, however, failure has no place to where determination reigns.

Roy succeeded to restore a portion of our glorious past as it proudly meets the present. Sulyap Café now stands majestically, occupying a space in our history at the former Cocoland Hotel Compound in Barangay Del Remedio, San Pablo City. It’s a showcase of our forefathers’ lifestyle as ambiance suggests simplicity over our rich customs and traditions. The food it serve will tell you why while the drinks will show you how.

If you want a deeper plunge for yesteryears, complimenting Sulyap Café is Sulyap Arts and Antiques Gallery just opposite at the old hotel’s basement. It’s a depository of vast collections and wonders of arts, some dating back to 18th century, but it has its own story to tell.

Sulyap Café is a feat itself, do drop by and have a glimpse. (SANDY BELARMINO)

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Makikita sa mga larawan ang Ama ng Lunsod ng San Pablo, Mayor Vicente B.
Amante habang masayang kasama ang Ina ng Lunsod Nercy Sahagun Amante
noong nakaraang pagdiriwang ng kaarawan ng kapanganakan ni Mayora Nercy.


Still beaming with smile despite a bout from flu, we visited the Mayor of San Pablo City Vic B. Amante in his simple but well appointed office inside the eight story new Capitol Building for a chat. As usual he is jolly in the exchanges of pleasantry with us over a cup of instant coffee. Occasionally he turns pensive and serious whenever we talk about his administration.
We showed him some statistics we gathered. The data are results of survey commissioned by one national political party, the other is by an aspiring candidate in the province of Laguna and the last was done by the national organization for what ever interest it has it is only known to the group. We thought he will be glad to see them.

We did not delve much on figures because (we did not expect it) the mayor is hesitant to accept the results of his public acceptability as a mayor reflected in the survey done in San Pablo City. According to him the percentage is shockingly too high. No past politician in the history of the Philippine ever had such high rating in term of popular acceptability. He rather prefers to feel in person by going around the satisfaction of his constituents in the manner he runs the city hall.

True he has established several annexes to the existing high schools of the city. Thousands graduated every year at a minimal cost to parents. These would be college students end up in Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo another laudable pet project of Mayor Vic. The City subsidizes the college to provide tertiary education to poor students of the city. However, because of the quality education offered by the Dalubhasaan even the well of families are sending their kids to this school. The students from the suburban areas sad to say even cheat their residence just to be accommodated and be enrolled.

He stressed that in areas where private entrepreneur failed, refused or afraid to venture because of high risk and low profitability, the government must come in and invest to fill in the gap. That has been his policy ever since he enters the arena of politics. The reason why his low cost educational institutions came to being. The closure of services of a private school sparked the needs to save the dislocated student with no school to go.

Not only that, the high cost of getting ill compelled him too to increase the budget for health services. Always, medicines for common illness are available in the government health offices for the poor. For those in need of confinements the Indigency Office is ready to assist and shoulder the expenses of those who cannot afford to defray the high hospitalization cost. The disbursements ran to millions of pesos. The city suffers much. Yes the cost is high but the value of saving human lives is priceless. The gleams and beams from the eyes of parents or relatives whose kin was save from the edge of death cannot be equated by what ever the government may save in trying to hold back expenses for some meaningful endeavors.

The concept of city manages hospital after some accounting of expenditure cropped up from the imagination of the Mayor. The city should have one. He has now the blue print and bent on implementing the program. His emphasis is on his vision that no San Pablo or any one for that matter who is in San Pablo City must be deprived of medical services by reason of poverty.
Over the successes of his public service programs the Mayor has not the look of satisfaction. According to him still the local government is one of the biggest employers. He is looking forward for a better San Pablo where the private sectors have the greatest stake in providing livelihood or employments.

The modern land fills and waste segregation; the city latest venture may spark a new kind of business opportunities. True it is still in its infant stage but he believes in a thousand mile travel starts with a one small step. Little by little people will realize that there is money in many little endeavors. He is encouraging and supporting small but imaginative entrepreneur most likely those engage in agriculture base industries.

This is one of many ways according to him of bringing back to the mind and heart the dignity of industry and hard work. He refused to encourage mendicancy a strategy most scheming politicians employ to buy loyalty. They never want their place to progress to suppress immediately any threat to their own political and economic dynasties.

His program for small scale businesses drives the mayor to be more careful in allowing the invasion of giant malls like SM , Robinson, Rustan etc. He is prudent in trying to foresee the consequences of competitions between these corporate titans to the small local capitalists. Will he side with the consumers who can buy high quality goods from more efficiently manage establishments at a cheaper price or be protectionist of the local investors? His options are open but he refuses to rush his decisions. He is trying to balance the gains vis-Ã -vis the social malady brought about by changes. There could be in migration needing more infrastructures which may not be offset by the employment to be generated thus creating more problem than solution to present predicaments

In the final analysis he is very emphatic in saying he will feel fulfilled in his administration only if his Indigency Office became irrelevant, when the students are enrolled in Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo and the great majority if not all of his constituents can afford to be confined in city hospital suites and not in crowded wards.

These are legacies he wants to leave to the people of San Pablo City. Tall order but doable according to him. He has only to be bold and decisive in pursuing his vision. He may or may not be able to complete these ambitious projects but it is his contention that somebody must start so that other has something to continue. TO START IS NOW. DO NOT DO FOR TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR TODAY FOR TOMORROW WILL NEVER COME UNLESS IT IS TODAY!!! We were surprise to hear such sensibility from a man besets by several cases from his detractors trying to put him down in vain. Are these detractors being fair to him and most especially to the people of San Pablo City who will be much, much benefited by his relentless efforts to pursue meaningful governance? (Sandy Belarmino VP SLPC)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


San Pablo City – Sinang-ayunan na ng local na pamahalaan dito ang dalawang resolusyong pinagtibay ng Sangguniang Panlunsod na may bilang 2008-65 at 2008-67 ukol sa pagtatayo ng Transport and Food Central Teminal upang maibsan ang lumalalang suliranin sa trapiko.


Matagal nang idinaraing ng mga residente at mga nagdaraan sa city proper ang mabigat na daloy ng trapiko na kahit anong kautusan at regulasyong ipatupad ni Mayor Vicente B. Amante ay hindi malunasan sa patuloy na pagdami ng mga sasakyang nag-aagawan s mahalagang ispasyo ng lansangan.

Ang pagtatayo ng naturang terminal ayon sa resolusyon ang tanging makatutugon sa mga problemang ito, sapagkat malaking bilang ng sasakyan particular ang mga pampubliko ang doon na lamang papayagang magbaba at magsakay ng mga pasahero, ganoon din ang mga delivery trucks na kung pumarada sa public market ay sakop na ang buong lansangan.

Inaasahan ni Kon. Richard Pavico, ang may akda ng resolusyon na masisimulan ang proyekto ngayong taong ito. (NANI CORTEZ)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


SAN PABLO CITY- Nagkaisa ang lokal na pamahalaan, Cultural Society ng lunsod at Fundacion Santiago na itatag ang Museo ng San Pablo dito upang minsan pa ay sulyapan ang lumipas na bahagi ng kasaysayan sa kapakanan ng mga kabataang San Pableño.

Matatagpuan sa ika-apat na palapag ng lumang kapitolyo ang museo ay hinati sa apat na bahagi na ang bawat isa ay mga kuwentong ipirarating sa mga nagnanais malaman ang pinagdaanan ng lunsod at pagpupunyagi ng mga naunang mamamayan rito. Ikinatuwa ni Mayor Vicente B. Amante ang pag-alalay ng Cultural Society at Fundacion Santiago sa katuparan ng pangarap ng bawat residente dito na magkaroon ng sariling museo.

Ipinaliwanag ni Lerma Prudente na ang unang bahagi ng ukol sa heyograpiya ng lunsod, sa taglay nitong 14 na ilog, pitong lawa at isang bundok. Ang pangalawa ay ang mga haligi ng San Pablo na alay sa mga nagsikap upang tumanyag na pamayanan, samantalang ang pangatlo ay kung bakit nila dito napiling manahanan at ang pang-apat ay pagtanaw ng utang na loob sa puno ng niyog na matagal nilang pinagkunan ng ikabubuhay.

Aktibo sa museo ng San Pablo ang walumpung taong gulang na si dating vice mayor Palermo Bañagale at retired Judge Bienvenido Reyes. Ang desinyo ay kaloob ng United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) San Pablo Chapter.

Bukas ang museo mula ika-9 ng umaga hanggang ika-5 ng hapon araw-araw hanggang biyernes. (nani cortez/sandy belarmino)


Emer Alcos
Sports Coordinator

San Pablo City- The 2nd Inter-Agency Mayor Vic B. Amante Invitational Tournament started with its kick off ceremony last march 8 at Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) grounds in Brgy. Del Remedio this city at 7:00 a.m..

It was highlighted by a motorcade around the city plaza with host Mayor Amante declaring the tournament open, and lighting of the torch of LSPU President Dr. Ricardo Wagan.

According to Emer Alcos, the city sports director, the games for contention are basketball, volleyball, badminton and darts on the physical side and mind squeezing chess tournament for mental prowess. Fourteen national and local government agencies and private corporations confirmed their participation on said tournament.

The teams that will fight it out in the spirit of camaraderie are the following: LSPU, the city government of San Pablo, DepEd, Social Security System, Honda Cars Laguna, Coca-Cola, SPC Hospital, SPC Water District, PLDT, DILG PRIMO, PNP, PHILPOST, Red Cross and Regional Trial Court (RTC).

This annual sport fest is a pet project of City Mayor Vicente B. Amante which aim to enhance better inter-agency relationship among national and local government agencies, as well as private industrial/commercial establishments through posturing sportsmanship. (Jonathan Aningalan/Sandy Belarmino)


Kung may kaugnayan man o paano maididikit ang pagdinig ng senado sa nabigong kontrata ng National Broadband Network at ZTE Corporation ng Tsina sa Lalawigan ng Laguna ay walang pinakamalapit na pagkaka-ugnay kung hindi ang impeachment complaint laban kay PGMA na inindorso ni Cong. Egay San Luis ng ika-4 na purok ng lalawigan.

Sari-saring paratang ang ipinukol kay San Luis nang dahil dito. Mahina raw na nakipagpaligsahan lang upang masamantala ang deadline sa probisyon ng impeachment sa Mababang Kapulungan ng Kongreso, isang pagkukunwari upang bigyang proteksyon ang pangulo at masakit pa ay ang maparatangang pakawala ng Malakanyang. Ngunit nagkamali ang lahat at ang mga kasalukuyang kaganapan ang naglilinis ng kanyang pangalan.

Isang bindikasyon ito para kay San Luis sapagkat kung ano ang kanyang ipinaglalaban noon ay siya ring lumilitaw sa ngayon – ang paghahanap ng katotohanan. Hindi naging makatwiran ang maraming mambabatas nang hayaan siyang nag-iisa sa laban, na kung kanila lang isinaalang-alang ay hindi sana natin sasapitin ang kaparehong kalituhan na ating nararanasan ngayon.

Ang malalakas na sigaw ngayon na nagnanais malaman ang katotohanan ay iisa at pares lang ng munting tinig niya noon na kapwa may parehong pakay. Ang tatlong pahinang impeachment complaint na kanyang isinulong ay kasing halaga rin ng reklamong Plunder Charges laban sa pangulo na isinampa ni dating Senate President Jovito Salonga at Kilos Bayan.

Ang agam-agam ng ilang kongresista ngayon ay alalahanin na ni San Luis noon at ang mga katanungang namumutawi buhat sa mga senador sa ginagawang pagdinig ng senado ay matagal na niyang katanungang hindi pinagbigyang pagkakataon na magkaroon ng kasagutan. Sayang ang panahon dahil nanaig ang kasinungalingan, na matagumpay na naikubli ng pagsasawalang bahala ng kongreso.

Saan man tayo humantong, ano man ang ating patutunguhan at kailan natin matatamo ang linaw sa ating mga hinala ay mga katanungan ding naghihintay ng kasagutan. Hindi sana natin daranasin ang kainip-inip na katotohanan, ang dahan-dahang paglinis upang alisin ang putik na kumulapol dito at ang panganib na nakaamba upang tuluyan na itong mailantad. Totoong hindi sana, kung hindi natin hinayaang si Egay San Luis ay nag-iisa. (SANDY BELARMINO)


San Pablo City –

Pormal nang nanumpa bilang associate justice ng Korte Suprema si dating Labor Secretary Arturo D. Brion sa harap ni Punong Mahistrado Reynaldo Puno kamakailan, na hahalili sa nabakanteng pwesto na iniwan ng nag-retirong si Justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez.

Ang pagkakatalaga kay Brion ay sa bisa ng rekomendasyon ng Judicial and Bar Council na tuwinang pinangungunahan ng dating kalihim noon pa mang associate justice pa siya ng Court of Appeals at batay na rin sa lawak ng kanyang kaalaman sa batas.

Nag-aral si Brion sa Ateneo de Manila at bar topnotcher sa gradong 91.65% noong 1974. isa siyang matagumpay na manananggol noong mapansin at akitin sa public service ng yumaong Senador Blas Ople. Nahalal si Brion bilang assemblyman ng Laguna sa regular na Batasang Pambansa.

May kasanayan si Justice Brion sa mga labor laws ng bansa at mga alituntunin sa Foreign Service, kung saan nakapag-akda siya ng maraming aklat ukol dito na ipinatutupad at sinusunod pa hanggang ngayon ng mga nasabing kagawaran.

Si Justice Brion ay tubong San Pablo City. Ang kanyang mga magulang ay sina Judge Edon Brion at Laura Dizon na kapwa iginagalang na angkan ng naturang lunsod. Naging kolumnista ang bagong associate justice ng mga local na pahayagan, kabilang na ang Herald Publications, noong kanyang kabataan.

Bukas palad na tinanggap ng mga legal luminary ang pagkakatalaga kay Brion kabilang na ang mga kritiko ng administrasyon dahil sa kanyang angking kakayanan at track record sa larangan ng serbisyo publiko. (NANI CORTEZ-Pres. 7LPC)


Cebu City –

Pinangunahan ng Tanggapan ng Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas, National Youth Commission (NYC), National Movement of Young Legislators (NMYL) ang parangal sa pitong lokal na mambabatas ng bansa na nakapagtala ng kahanga-hangang lehislasyon upang mapangalagaan ang kapakanan ng mga kabataan sa pamayanan na kanilang nasasakupan.

Ang NYC-NMYL KAMPEON NG KABATAAN 2008 awardees ay sina: Kon. Richard C. Pavico, San Pablo City; Kon. Genevieve B. Caceres, Buhi, Camarines Sur; Kon. Rebecca V. Labit, Puerto Princesa City; Kon. Bonna Lita P. Aquino, Rodriguez, Rizal; Kon. Lynette C. Geonzon, Mingbanilla, Cebu; Kon. Rodolfo Tinio, Iriga City at Kon. Ronnel R. Borromeo, Tabaco City. Pinarangalan ang mga naturang mambabatas sa Waterfront Hotel sa lunsod na ito kaalinsabay ng NMYL convention na isinasagawa ngayon.

Nagwagi si Kon. Richard C. Pavico sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga naisulong at napagtibay na mga ordinansang may bilang 2006-22, 2006-50 at 2005-21 na pawang kumakalinga sa kapakanan ng kabataan. Ang mga ito ay may kinalaman sa pagbalangkas ng Gender and Development Code, Reproductive Health Code at regulasyon ng internet café/computer game center sang-ayon sa pagkasunod-sunod.

Ang mga nagwagi ayon sa kalatas pagbati ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ay napili dahil sa kanilang naihaing pagkakataon upang maitaas ang antas ng pamumuhay ng kabataan, samantalang sinabi ni NYC Usec. Alvin Nalupta na ang mga napagtibay na batas ng mga ito ay nakalikha ng kapaligirang angkop sa ikasusulong ng kabataan.

Itinatag ang Kampeon ng Kabataan ng National Movement of Young Legislators sa layuning dakilain ang mga isinusulong na batas sa iba’t-ibang panig ng bansa na nag-aangat sa kabataan, tipunin ang mga ito sa isang data bank at palaganapin ang kaalaman hinggil dito sa buong kapuluan. Ang NMYL ay pinangunguluhan ni Kon. Julian Coseteng ng Quezon City.

Si Kon. Chad Pavico ang pinakahuling nakapag-uwi ng karangalan sa San Pablo City. Una nang naparangalan sina Mayor Vicente B. Amante bilang Outstanding City Mayor of the Philippines, Congresswoman Ivy R. Arago bilang isa sa outstanding Congressman at Yolanda B. Deangkinay bilang outstanding Probation and Parole Officer ng DOJ. (SANDY BELARMINO/7LPC)

Monday, March 24, 2008


The turn of the century brought about changes in many aspect of human endeavor. Male chauvinism culture has gone passé and almost buried in oblivion. Not much are thinking that women are still the weaker sex, physically perhaps yes but not in capabilities where brute of strength is not needed.

In the forefront of war we have women soldiers. Nobody can under estimate their valor and courage in the odds of hardship and danger. They lord many flying machines and stir the rudder as a captain. These are male dominated professions but females are creeping slowly and surely.

Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher and Corazon Aquino have shown to the world they can control and guider a nation at the helm equally with if not better than any male . They are decisive, cool, and calm and collected under the hottest pressure of political instability. They survived the turmoil of intricate world of politics with an intact reputation for probity and competence.

Perhaps it is but fitting that in the month for women we pay tribute to the other half of humanity. Without them there is no continuity of human race. Tribute not only for ably managing home for the family to live in warm comfort of motherly love but also for being an indispensable partner in building a nation.

Right now appointments to judiciary and in the prosecution service are lorded by women. Leading advocates in trial court are dominated by lady lawyers. Probably the government search committee has recognized the dept of women’s know how in law and their passion to be the best in any field and for that quality alone statistic shows that many courts now are presided by lady judges.

Supreme Court has several Lady Justices. They are not push over. Once an anecdote said that in male dominated Supreme Court of the Philippines only one of its lady justices got the ball and guts to fight a dictator. Court of Appeal could not be left behind and right now the chief graft buster of the Ombudsman is a woman.

Our Governor is a woman Teresita “Ningning” Lazaro. We have a lady representatives in this province. Thank God we have many women with sterling qualities. We have many heroes too who served the cause of our nation. They are heroes who gave up their lives for other to enjoy the freedom of democracy.

We have to thank them endlessly as they illumined the darkest days of our history. Had it not for them all their wonderful achievement would have been overshadowed by the biggest blunder we committed in putting a women at the helm of power for she perched herself too in the apex of controversy hounding now our nation.

The crowning glory nonetheless is that women too are in the umbra of struggle to redeem that honor of motherly femininity of honesty and integrity. The demure ladies outshone the eminence of popish bishops who remain neutral in the midst of moral crisis. (sandy belarmino)


Mayor Vicente B. Amante

San Pablo City-

Sa limang termino bilang punong lunsod ay pinanghahawakan ni Mayor Vicente B. Amante ng lunsod na ito ang record ng pagkakapag-wagi laban sa dalawang incumbent congressman at dalawang nakaupong city mayor, na isang kahanga-hangang achievement sa rehiyon ng Timog katagalugan.

Ngunit hindi ganoong kadali ang naging paglaot ni Amante sa larangan ng pulitika lalo na’t isasaalang-alang na nabigo siya sa unang pagtatangka, nang kumandidato bilang alkalde. Ang kabiguan ay naging isang hamon kung kaya sa pangalawang pagkakataon ay nakuha niya ang tiwala ng mga San Pableño.

Bilang isang matagumpay na mangangalakal bago naging lingkod bayan ay hindi nahirapan si Amante sa pangangasiwa sa kabila ng karampot na kinikita ng kabang yaman ng lunsod. Nagpakita siya ng husay upang ito ay maiangat sanhi nang paglago ng income na pang-suporta sa mga pagawaing-bayan.

Naipatupad ng alkalde ang mga proyektong hindi man lang naisip ng mga batikang pulitiko sa rehiyon. Ang kanyang mga project ay naging kauna-unahan sa buong kapuluan at ginagawang huwaran ng marami pang bayan. Lubos na hinangaan ng Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) ang itinayo niyang One Stop Shop Processing Center kung saan sa ilalim ng iisang bubong ay maisasaayos ng mga residente ang mga kaukulang papeles na kinakailangan particular na ang business permit.

Sa kasalukuyan ay may 14 na kampus ang City High School na stratehikong na iba’t-ibang barangay at may kabuuang 12,500 na mag-aaral, bukod pa sa itinatag ni Amante na City Science High School. Kaalinsabay nito ay pinakikinabangan na rin ng 3,500 mahihirap na istudyante ang Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo (DLSP) na brainchild ng punong lunsod.

Napag-ugnay-ugnay na rin ang 80 barangay ng sementadong daan at lahat ay naseserbisyuhan na ng ilaw dagitab. Nagkaroon ng makabagong shopping mall, modernong 8-storey City Hall Bldg. at ongoing ang konstruksyon ng 100-bed City Public Hospital. Nasa Planning Stage na ang itatayong Transport and Food Terminal na lahat ay pawang sa pagsisikap ni Mayor Amante.

Ang mga ito ay ilan lamang sa mga kadahilanan kung bakit nananatiling alkalde ng lunsod si Amante. (NANI CORTEZ - President-7LPC)


Mrs. Nercy Sahagun Amante
Chairperson-Executive Committee
San Pablo City Tourism Council
Lunsod ng San Pablo-
Umani ng tagumpay ang Lunsod ng San Pablo sa katatapos lamang na ANILAG 2008. Itinanghal na Bb. Laguna 2008 si Rodhalyn Pessina ng Barangay Sto. Niño, samantalang 2nd runner-up naman si Bb. Francheska Mica Villapando ng Barangay San Vicente.
Nakuha naman ni Lea Maria Hernandez ang unang karangalan sa Amateur Singing Contest (open division). Hindi dito natapos ang pagkakamit ng tagumpay sapagkat ang ikalawa at ikatlong karangalan sa Dance Showdown Competition ay nakopo ng Exclusive Terrorranger at Philippine Pirates Dance Groups na kapwa mula sa Lunsod na ito.
Sa Booth and Star Quest Competitions ay parehong nakamit ng San Pablo City ang ikatlong pwesto.
Ang pinagkalooban naman ng Best Tourism Establishments upang higit na patunayan ang mahahalagang ambag ng San Pablo sa paglago ng turismo sa panig na ito ng lalawigan ay ang mga sumusunod: Total Gas Station, Brgy. San Rafael - Best Gas Station; Maria Paz Resort, Brgy. Sta. Filomena - Best Resort; at CocoPalace Hotel, Brgy. San Francisco - Special Recognition. Kinilala rin si G. Blairwin Ortega bilang Outstanding Youth of Laguna at si G. Alex Cortez Outstanding Artist ng Laguna.
Lubos ang naging kasiyahan nina Mayor Vicente B. Amante at Unang Ginang Nercy Sahagun Amante, Executive Committee Chairperson ng San Pablo City Tourism Council, dahil muling napatunayan na ang Lunsod ng San Pablo ay hindi pahuhuli sa ano mang larangan. Gaya ng laging namumutawi sa labi ni Mayor Vicente B. Amante: "San Pablo City Laging Umaabante!" (sandy belarmino/jonathan aningalan)


San Pablo City - Ipatutupad ng City Health Office (CHO) ang pagtatalaga ng mga manggagamot sa limang health center ng lunsod mula Abril, 2008 upang higit na mapaigting ang serbisyo sa pangangalaga ng kalusugan ng bawat mamamayan sa lunsod na ito.

Sa direktibang inilabas ni Dr. Job Brion, City Health Officer ng lunsod, ay malinaw na ipinababatid ang pagtatalaga ng mga manggagamot sa mga satellite offices ng CHO upang maiwasan ang pagsisiksikan sa main office ng nasabing tanggapan nang sa ganoon ay higit silang mapaglinkuran.

Araw-araw (Lunes hanggang Biyernes) ay may nakaduty na manggagamot sa mga Health Center sa Bagong Pook, Del Remedio at Barangay II-D sa may gawi ng palengke; Lunes, Meyurkules at Biyernes sa Brgy. Sto. Cristo Health Center; samantalang Martes at Huwebes sa Brgy. Concepcion Health Center.

Pinapayuhan ang mga pasyente na magsadya sa mga nasabing health center batay sa bagong iskedyul para sa mga kaukulang konsultasyon. (SANDY BELARMINO)