Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The wonder of cyber and information technologies made the world smaller and distance shorter. Since I put up an internet blog I have been in constant contact with relatives, friends and acquaintances. Friendster enables me to chat with many strangers from different places for a minimal cost and learn so much about them.

I have many of them in Europe- France, Italy, Germany, Spain, in the US of A more particularly in California and New York, in Asia the like of Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other neighboring countries. I was surprised. They were curious asking me about HIDDEN VALLEY RESORT. I have some guilty feeling because they have so many queries about Hidden Valley I failed to answer.

More than failing to give satisfactory information my guilt feeling arose out of the fact that I am from San Pablo City an adjacent town of Calauan, Laguna where the Hidden Valley is geographically situated. In the north boundary lies the Municipality of Alaminos, Laguna considered the most convenient access to Hidden Valley.. Both ways from San Pablo City is less than twenty kilometers to Hidden Valley,

The common question is about a waterfall. Is it true there is a waterfall hidden beneath the lush forest vegetation and between ranges of rocky hills? Are tilapia, mudfish and other fresh water fish can be caught by hook and line by part time fisher folks along the cascading brooks of clear water from the falls?

They told me the waterfall can be reached through the Hidden Valley. It is within the land of the resort. From the gate it is about twenty minutes leisure walk alone pathways planted with exotic colorful shrubs and shaded by giant forest trees smaller but competing in size or height against US redwood trees. Along the way too are teeming lansones, rambutan, cacao and other oriental fruit bearing trees growing on rolling terrains.

Added to that, they are familiar about several swimming pools available to guest. It came from numerous spring cooling the breeze even in hot summers. More fascinating is the pool with soda taste water. In other words the place is for people who love nature and serene environment.

For those who wanted to spend a day , the place is about seventy kilometers of paved highway south of Manila. An hour and a half drive is enough, leaving Manila in the morning and be back in the afternoon. For those who wish to stay longer cottages are available. The amenities are five stars. Food? As if you never left your posh hotel in Manila. International standard cuisines are served in the pavilion buffet style.

I promised them I will see Hidden Valley and give more detailed information. Right now I know, Hidden Valley only from the mouth of the people who had been there. It is far better than the other known expensive resorts here because the place is endowed with many natural wonder.. They longed to be back again and again to enjoy its natural gift. (SANDY BELARMINO-VP Seven Lakes Press Corps)

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