Sunday, January 11, 2009


The move of Vice Mayor Frederick Martin A. Ilagan of criticizing Mayor Vicente B. Amante during the first flag raising ceremony for 2009 yielded negative reactions from the public especially to analyze the situation and the eyes to see beyond the language of his speech.

Apparently, Ilagan had been continuously using the regular flag raising ceremony of the local government to destroy the credibility of the City’s Chief Executive by raising controversial issues inappropriate for the occasion.

The issues he is bawling should be brought to the proper forum and not during flag ceremonies which are supposed to be conducted with solemnity and reverence.Amante was right when he said Ilagan should not interfere with the affairs of the executive department because even up to the present time, Ilagan has yet to prove his fighting spirit and disposition as a leader.

It would be recalled that the Sangguniang Panlunsod of San Pablo City failed to hold their regular session for the whole month of December due to lack of quorum. People say this should not be the case if Ilagan is a good leader!Just by mere looking at the situation cited above, it would be easy to conclude that Ilagan is simply employing the filthy “squid tactic” to cover up his inability, inefficiency and impotence and that of his colleagues to the serve the people of San Pablo City. (Un)Fortunately, San PableƱos are wise and dirty tactics will not work especially if the person whose character is being destroyed is someone who is not afraid to stand for the truth. (EDITORIAL, Laguna Courier, January 12-18, 2009, Vol. XII No. 50)

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