Saturday, November 8, 2008

PISTODPILA/PETITIONERS, NO LEGAL PERSONALITY (Accreditation having been revoked by operation of law)

San Pablo City - In a committee hearing on the petition filed by Pinag-isang Samahan ng Traysikel Drayber Association sa Pitong Lawa Inc. (PISTODPILA) represented by its alleged president, Hermis Hernandez, Elvin Leonzon, Virgilio Gesmundo, Rolando Atienza, Cesar de Leon and Edwin Ilagan, before the Sanggunian Panlunsod, the hearing officers composed of City Councilors Dante A. Amante and Leopoldo M. Colago allowed the parties to substantiate their respective stand.

Fernandez initially raised the issue that respondent Kaisahan ng Mga Samahan ng Magtatraysikel sa Lunsod ng San Pablo (KASAMA-LSP Inc.) did not hold election of officers at the same time he questioned the propriety of the accreditation granted by the August Body to the respondent. He also questioned the appearance of Mr. Perfecto a.ka. “Talbos Tubo” Marcelo in the hearing contending that he (Marcelo) is not the President of KASAMA-LSP.

Marcelo produced a document signed by all the officers and notarized by Atty. Esperidion L. Gajitos to prove his legal capacity to represent KASAMA-LSP. The document was read by Councilor Amante for the information and guidance of everybody then allowed Marcelo to speak in behalf of the respondent.

It was alleged that Fernandez has “no legal capacity” to file the petition much more to represent the PISTODPILA considering that up to the present time, all the records of the organizations is still in the name of Cesar Agno. “Si Mr. Hermis Fernandez ay walang legal personality dito”, said Marcelo.

He also pointed out that the accreditation of PISTODPILA at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and at the Sangguniang Panlunsod had long been deemed revoked by operation of law considering that the same was never renewed since December 1, 2005. These statements of Marcelo were not controverted by the petitioners.

When asked about the issue raised by Fernandez, after the hearing, Marcelo said: “we will file the proper pleading in due time just to comply with the request of Councilor Amante but I am confident that the petition of Fernandez, ET. Al., will not prosper”. (mbe/seven lakes press corps)

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