Friday, May 30, 2008


For a job well done Jorge Segovia the erstwhile commander of the 202 Brigade stationed at Brgy. Antipolo Rizal, Laguna, after receiving the much coveted embellishment on his shoulder board, a star, relinquished his command to Col Tristan M. Kison another able and competent field commander.

Brigadier General Jorge Segovia submitted his report to Brigadier General Roland Detavale the recently installed Commanding General of the Second Infantry Division stationed in Tanay , Rizal. He replaced Major General Delfin Bangit who was installed and promoted as Southern Luzon (SOLCOM) Commander, It is a position that requires another star making him a future Lieutenant General. From the report of General Segovia he will turned over the command of the four battalions of the 202 with an enviable reputation of being the most talked about innovative brigade in the country in term of fighting insurgency. With its successful campaign in winning the heart and mind of the people the rebels in Region 4 under the jurisdiction of the group has been dissipated in such that it is no longer a serious threat to national security.

Colonel Tristan M Kison is a no nonsense commander. He has long and colorful military experience in the field fighting insurgency. Taking over the command of 202 Brigade would no longer a new job for him. It is simply a new but higher position of responsibility. He is a better tactician in the execution of tasks but at his best being an effective and efficient planer and policy maker

Col. Kison is cognizant of the fact that insurgency cannot be won by a shooting war alone. He hates war especially one fought against fellow Filipinos who chose to face the pressing problems by means, other than a civilized person should do. He is aware of the intricate battle of specious propaganda. He nonetheless believes that no amount of dirty mudslinging could destroy and derail the sincere effort of the command to continue the noble intention of the arm forces to win the war as much as possible sans blood shed. He believes that the best military commander is not the one who won all the battles without casualty from his side but the one who won the war without firing a single shot.

It’s charm not arm, respect not reject , rightful priority not atrocity, not scram but welcome because we too are human. Though stern in discipline soldiers find fondness for kindness, devotion for healthy interaction and .and belief in the freedom of expression. We open our arm to long lost friend. Arm is the least option resorted to only with extreme caution.. To leak insurgency we need holistic approached to solve the identified multifaceted cause of its existence Col Kison elucidated.

The strategic importance of Region 4 to the nation is so great that its .security cannot be left in the hand of a second rate commander. It is probably one of the reasons why Col Kison was chosen to succeed General Segovia.. It is a daunting job to be responsible in maintaining order in such a populous area but with the caliber of Col Kison CALABARZON is in good hand.(SANDY BELARMINO/7LPC)

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