Thursday, May 8, 2008


Character, they say, is perpetual wealth. Patience, perseverance and other related values lead anyone to have confidence on himself to realize the light after long journey, whereupon becomes the ultimate source of strength that breeds contentment.

For everybody to live he must work and anybody for that matter must work to live. It doesn’t matter that in order to live he must start on a far lowest level of echelon for as long as he is enjoying what he does and contented despite the odds which confronts him. There were harsh obstacles along the road but can be conquered so long as anybody is eagerly determined.

Success is a matter of contentment, disciplines and determination. It gives anybody inner pleasure, erases fear and worry to overcome envy and jealousy. With these, reaching the peak will not be far behind.

It was later that we knew, that the professional life of our retired City Treasurer Aristeo K. Palomar was no different from others. What we knew was his pleasure to serve, determination to impose discipline as to the mandate of his office and contentment on his calling as respected public servant.

At that instance, we saw him at the top, worked and dealt with him with complete innocence about his humble beginnings and the travails he’d gone through. City Treasurer Palomar created the steps which built his own destiny. He invested on himself that reaped dividends on his career.

Retired last May 1, 1995, the former city treasurer started as a lowly clerk, functioning as land tax campaigner at City Treasurer’s Office of Lucena City on September 11, 1963 for annual income of P1,680. There were obstacles along his path but for a man of integrity, honesty and as hardworking as he was, he rose from the ranks.

Promoted years later to supervisory position, his dedications brought him farther to middle-level management. He had totally conquered the challenges when he was appointed Asst. City Treasurer of Lucena in 1976 and eventually City Treasurer of San Pablo City in January 20, 1987. For 32 years, he was an epitome of loyal public servant, a morale he faithfully passed on among his children and his peers.

It’s been 13 long years since he retired from government service, but his good example will remain a classic, for others to follow and the youth to glorify.(SANDY BELARMINO/7LPC)

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