Thursday, July 3, 2008


With damaged property amounting several billions of pesos and claiming thousand of lives, its been a week since typhoon Frank exited Philippine area of responsibility (AOR), yet the count is far from over and its ill effects continue to bloat the already swollen statistics of NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council), as more delayed reports file up from remote and inaccessible barangay of the country.

While “Frank” was just an ordinary typhoon, only one amongst the numerous that come and go one AOR, it however left me an enormous havocs unimaginable which was for graver than those much stronger cyclones that preceded him. It stormed us to think as it left a lesson which despite being a natural calamity, man was a factor for the aggravated devastation it had made. It was a lesson all of us understand but won’t heed to comprehend, a lesson heralds by the environment but we refuse to listen and a lesson from unwritten law of nature we failed to read.

Much had been lectured about global warming caused by dumping of tons and tons of gaseous garbage to the atmosphere that even science pupils of kindergarten schools can clearly explain. It aggravated our sufferings as we ignore both extreme climate condition it brings on planet Earth. Fair and square it made its presence felt in USA, China, Japan, Europe and every industrialized countries of the world which incidentally are the greatest contributors to global warming. It gave the drought, flooding, cyclones and related calamities they have never experienced before.

While “Frank” in term of gustiness would normally just give every Filipino sound sleep it unusually surprised us to give nightmares, this as our environmental policy makers were remiss on their homework. Their irresponsibilities denied us firmer wind breakers a forested mountain would normally do, much so they allowed man’s intervention on our ecosystem which need to hold flood waters in its confine. Wind gustiness get stronger, created open seas giant waves that hit coastal villages while rains on our mountains and hills built pressures as rampaging floods on low-lying area.

While NDCC has yet to reach the peak of its relief operations, many government agencies, to surely include DENR, are awaiting at the sidelines for the condition to subside. This is so as not to prejudice numerous logging permits they have approved and mining licenses they have issued in disguise of propping-up the economy.

The end will not justify the means. While the profit in these operations are great, the losses in the long run are much greater as shown by “Frank” salvo that gave it all. Its not nature’s wrath but man’s indifference towards environment. Its we, man, whom indulge “Frank” larger grounds and pamper him to the path if our being to destruction.(NANI CORTEZ)

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