Saturday, July 5, 2008


Parole and Probation Office (PPO) is a bureau under the Department of Justice. Spread all over the country, its offices have the primary task as its name connotes to supervise and oversee the rehabilitation of parolees and probationers. Parolees are convicted individuals released from prison after serving the minimum period of their sentence. Probationers are those first offenders whose conviction the penalty did not exceed six years. Both were released to give them chance to reform and become free men again under certain conditions they have to observe.

The Parole and Probation Office sees to it that they observe these conditions and it implements also program geared to assist these parolees and probationers economically, psychologically and morally. The programs consist of creating a new paradigm in their life outlook to enable these individuals who are again assimilated to the community to realize that they are still worthy of respect as a human being, they can still be productive and useful citizen of the country.

These gargantuan tasks in subtle anonymity, the Parole and Probation office exert utmost effort to effectively and efficiently perform. The mettle of the parole and probation officers is often tested because they constantly have to entertain various individuals of various idiosyncrasies. People often expect miracle from and treated them like super person who can solve problem at a flick of a finger.

In San Pablo City district covering the towns of Nagcarlan, Rizal, Alaminos and the City of San Pablo in the province of Laguna in Region IV under Director Corazon Ocampo the PPO office is headed by a very hard working and low key multi awarded Chief Parole and Probation Officer in the person of Ms. Yolanda Deangkinay. She is ably assisted by Parole and Probation Officers Thelma Olazo , Lynn Mitra and Abigail Cariquitan with some help from the casual employees provided by the local government Brenda Adona and June Juliano.

The sheer number of parolee and probationer under their ward is daunting. Every one has to be personally investigated and supervised. They have to be visited in their own homes. Neighbors and the Barangay Officials are interviewed in preparation to periodical assessment and report. The territorial size of the district is already intimidating. There are places not accessible to public transport. The probation officers with the office meager resources at their disposal have to travel on foot. Occasionally they rubbed elbows unknowingly with local goons, hiding criminals or communist rebels. Their lives are constantly at stake. It is sheer dedication to the nobility of service that keeps them going.

To augment their manpower the Parole and Probation Office conceived the idea of tapping the services of kind hearted and responsible volunteers in their area of responsibility. These are selected individual trained to perform some of the jobs of the officers. Volunteers are headed by Ms. Jocelyn “ Joy” Gonzales the elected President. Among the members are PPO Volunteers Ricardo Manalo, Danny Acejo, Jun Dichoso, Juanito Consignado, Edwin del Carmen, Mike Vita, Julius Panganiban, Ms. Violy de Mesa, and Tet Sumague to name a few.

Truly for 32 years the Parole and Probation Office and its dedicated personnel have withered the challenges for their existence and the office has evolved strongly in the service of less fortunate individual who became victims of multifaceted morbid phenomenon .The idealism never wane and will continue until its mission accomplished and the vision is in place. May your tribe increased and best wishes for your 32 anniversary PAROLE AND PROBATION OFFICE. (Sandy Belarmino/7 Lakes Press Corps)

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