Saturday, January 29, 2011


A Southern Luzon solon assured her constituents that she is now feeling well amidst reports of her delicate pregnancy she is undergoing since she was two months pregnant as reported by Abs-Cbn and broadcasted worldwide.

Alhough Laguna 3rd District Congresswoman Maria Evita Arago admitted that it was really the case during the early part of her proud pregnancy, things began to change for the better now as she reach the final stretch though she is at present under strict advice by her doctors to refrain from hectic physical activities.

It can be recalled that Rep. Arago was flooded by phone calls, text messages and in her facebook accout of constituents worrying on the health condition of the congresswoman in relation to her pregnancy based on the news reports but she took every thing positively, " Now the whole Philippines and those with TfC worldwide know my delicate pregnancy" the lady solon pasted in her facebook.

This being so painted negative implication at the once perfect attendance and 14th Congress grand slam outstanding lawmaker as other media practioneers deliverately omitted facts on her heatlh condition to near sensationalising.

Arago added " In the arena of public service, we are 24/7 under public scrutiny, so when I get pat on the back or a thumbs up sign and say I'm doing right, it reminds me why I'm here and that is to serve. My only heart's desire is to be the best public servant while being the best mom I can be for my upcoming baby and with God's grace I can strike a balance"

For the support and confidence of her constituents said " Thank you ABS-CBN and RG Cruz for a fair and balanced reporting.Likewise, thank you for all conerns for me and my baby's welfare as I'm now in the final strech of prenancy, it's been difficult but rest assured that I have not been remiss of my duty as people's servant".

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