Wednesday, September 15, 2010

sm to SM

The old sm San Pableño knew stands proudly at the center of the city, that for almost a century provides land mark for rendezvous due its prime location, not to mention the refreshing mists it gives whenever you are accommodated to its limited space where seats are on first come, first serve basis.

Not necessarily from hallucinations but longings to having an SM mall that residents of the city created their world of make believe since the rise of SM North Edsa, San Pableños then fantasized their own.

Word of mouth advertising proved effective as the whole populace submitted to the reality of having SM that never was. Even travelers subscribe to the idea of new found language that everybody from FX, tricycle, jeepney, or bus drivers, whenever they reach it. “Oh, sm na po!” (Referring to a century old mango tree)

Yes, “sa mangga” colloquially abbreviated to sm will forever be part of San Pableños life, that even from that instance is an honor of having it, the first outside Metro Manila.

The question is, will it be able to endure now that SM San Pablo so long envisioned is within reach with its wonderful edifice clearly revealing a reality from mere imaginations?

Well, only the future can tell but what is that both can co-exist with each other in the hearts of every San Pableño. Sa Mangga (sm) an abstract from a dream, and SM City San Pablo, its successful realization.

As early as the groundbreaking for SM San Pablo, many enterprising businessmen are contemplating to operate multi-cab transport system to service the daily shoppers of said mall. Again, a question lingers, would LTFRB grant a line franchise for its route sm to SM and SM to sm?

Should they succeed both no doubt will endure with the mango tree (sa mangga) that once symbolized a dream as pick-up point and SM City the destination for wonderful leisure, fine dining and exciting shopping.(SEVEN LAKES PRESS CORPS)

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