Thursday, September 2, 2010


Having the same birth sign may be common, law of average may dictate two individuals to share same experience and serving both position under one city executive was just a probability yet these considerations nourished the friendship of two political clan of the City.

These are the things that bind Atty. Hizon A. Arago, former San Pablo City administrator and Loreto “Amben” Amante, the present administrator.

Atty. Arago is the father of Laguna 3rd District Congresswoman Maria Evita “Ivy” Arago, while Amben is the son of incumbent last termer San Pablo City Mayor Vicente B. Amante , that for whatever implication this has to do with the situation have fully been exploited by kibitzers and self-proclaimed political analysts.

Political leaders are pushing Amben to throw his hat this early in 2013 political derby, that if there’s any threat they conclude it will be from Arago camp.

Doomsayers have been sowing intrigues after May 2010 elections as the Arago clan fully supported the reelection bid of Mayor Amante and continued last month when Congresswoman Arago publicly endorsed the presidential bid of Councilor Dante B. Amante to Philippine Councilor League (PCL) Laguna leadership.

Yet the intrigues remained high with plotters exploiting every avenue for disagreements between two political camps, trying to stain and damage the perpetual friendships of Atty. Arago and Mayor Amante, that endanger their political alliance.

And this so far accomplished nothing good but a hostile political environment, though Siesta Residencia de Arago matriarch Mam Eva herself is very vocal that nobody in her family is eyeing for city mayorship in 2013 political exercise.

Besides health reason according to her that never in their wildest dream, Atty. Arago to run for mayor and has no intention whatsoever. While Cong. Ivy has one more term remaining.

“As political ally, we are just happy supporting Mayor Amante and his family” says Madam Eva. “May this clears the smoke, erase the doubts and defer the intrigues emanating from prophets of doom with sole intention of damaging the good relationship of our families.”(SANDY BELARMINO)

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