Sunday, April 19, 2009


Two bills of national importance filed by a Laguna solon were judiciously acted upon by the House of Representative before it went on recess last month.

The proposed bills authored by Laguna 3rd District Congresswoman Ma. Evita Arago namely Bill on Medical Profession and Bill Against Cell phone Snatching received massive support in the Lower House due to its exigency and applicability through out the country.

House records show that the Bill on Medical Profession had already been legislated and passed by the Lower Chamber and due for second reading in the Senate the moment both houses resume sessions this April.

After third reading said bill will be scrutinized by Bi-cameral Committee to iron out differences if any.

Meanwhile, the Bill Against Cell Phone Snatching is a piece of legislation past gaining respectability in congress as it solicit many lawmakers as co-sponsors due to its practicality in protecting cell phone owners that fall prey to bad elements causing property damages and precious lives as well.

It will provide stiffer penalties to violators if enacted. The Bill is now scheduled for second reading in the Lower House.

Cong. Arago is on her first term and in the past also sponsored bills and resolutions with local application. The lady lawmaker had co-sponsored numerous legislations which she help and depended in the plenary. (NANI CORTEZ)

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