Thursday, April 2, 2009


The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), Region 4A has announced the start of recruitment process for the new jail guards to fill up vacancies brought about by attrite personnel and job openings created by bureau expansion program.

BJMP Regional Director J/S Supt Norvel M. Mingoa said that about 500 personnel are needed for these vacancies including 100 slots resulting from the attrition of Jail Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCO) who were separated, died, retired, dropped from the rolls and dismissed by the bureau.

RD Mingoa instructed all jail wardens in Calabarzon to conduct information drive related to recruitment so as to accomplish the best in screening to raise the quality of the recruits.

J/S Insp. Arvin Abastillas, Regional CRS said that successful applicants after completing training set forth by Jail National Training Institute (JNTI) will receive starting gross salary of P15,036.00 a month.

An applicant to be considered must possess the following qualifications: a) a Filipino citizen (b) with good moral character (c) must passed neuro-psychiatric evaluation, medical and drug test examination (d) degree holder (e) civil service eligible (f) have not been dishonestly discharged from previous employment (g) not convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude (h) must be 21 to 30 years old (i) 1.62m in height for male, 1.57m for female (j) must weigh not more or less five kilograms from the standard weight corresponding to his/her height, age and sex.

Interested applicants are advised to see or call the nearest BJMP office for particulars. (SANDY BELARMINO)

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