Thursday, February 5, 2009


“Miss Bloopers”- that is the very famous moniker of this very out-of the-ordinary senior. Personally, I had an imprint of her because of her notorious down smile to whoever she may bump into and then chats with them as if it is the happiest day of her life. Most often than not, she exerts an effort to crack a joke, which is for the class a very “corny”, but funny one. But when she doesn’t yarn, she make people chuckle and giggle because of her so called “Bloopers”.

On the contrary, deep within, Sandy Marie is sedate by nature. And, one of the things she awfully takes seriously (and doesn’t make her bloopers) is her studies and her newfound love- writing. Not only is she is a consistent honor student but she is also one the best writers of the school.

“Sandy”, as everyone calls her, had won first place in the Division Essay Writing for the Family Week Celebration. Moreover, she was also the silver medalist in the Regional Environmental Essay Writing in Filipino last October. Recently, she bagged the second highest honors in the Rural Bank’s On-the-Spot Essay Writing contest.

Her gift in writing was not given in a silver platter. Hard work and love for reading are her investments with the unbounded support of her father, Mr. Sandro “Sandy” Belarmino who is also a renowned local journalist of the city. On the other hand, her mother, Mrs. Maricar Belarmino, is ceaselessly inspiring her to follow the footsteps of her father through words of encouragement.

Furthermore, this fifteen-year-old girl is one of the most tireless students of San Pablo City Science High School. She is also in the pool of potential leaders being the 4th year representative of the Supreme Student Government (S.S.G.). Being one the present news editors of GENE NEWS, the school’s official paper, is something that really boosts her confidence as aspirant journalist.

A comrade, a friend, a dreamer and a treasure, not long now, we will see this young woman’s many footprints as she goes on the Sandy path of her life. (ROSETTE HERNANDEZ/English Teacher, San Pablo City Science High School)

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