Monday, June 23, 2008


What is in a name? Name is nothing but a group of letters put together to produce a distinct sound every time it is read and pronounced. A name is insignificant unless it is attached to a specific thing like a statue or to a specific place like birth city of a noted personality like a hero or to a person with sterling qualities. The name is use to recon something worth remembering or worth talking about. A name factors in as a universal denominator of his value to fellow. That is in a name. The personality behind the name give it value and the worth to his environment.

In a name like ERNANI “NANI” CASTILLO CORTEZ is there something to ring a bell? It is a plain name to other with nothing but trivial meaning. It is a naught analogous to hundreds perhaps thousand bearing the calling in many places with Spanish sounding languages but for us in Seven Lakes Press Corps the name Nani Cortez signifies the presidency of the corps, the unassuming writer, a media man who never get tired in search for truth and part it to his readers. Not the value in term of peso of a scoop but the worth of a story. He is a true blue blood media man who checks and double checks his facts before releasing them for publication.

Nani Cortez is a reporter whose prose can give life and excitement to otherwise monotonous events. He gives dept into one-dimensional story with his razor-sharp analyses and pointed correlations of them to persons and personalities creating the news. How it impacts every one thus, giving a local news national significant and national news local relevance is patent in his hypothesis. He is an under-rated writer in term of acknowledgment and of course in term of compensation. Had he chose to hang about in national broad sheet and be an AC/DC correspondent he could have been a affluent man now. Who are Batuigas and Tulpos to his writing prowess?

But his being is designed to be of service to local communities. He finds fulfillment writing about real people not the ones whose images were created by media releases for specific ends. He rather shares his talents with budding reporters whose minds have not been polluted and corrupted by the system of formatted journalism.

Yes Nani opted a simple living around many straightforward friends. Big politicians woe him to become their public relation writer but he loves independence of mind. He loves to inscribe what he thinks merit writing even without incentive. He supports cause and meaningful thoughts, something that will promote the enhancement of the majority meaning the masses and not spouse selfish interest. Going out of his way to drive his message is not novel to him. Not the gold or gun could bring to a halt his exposes but a whisper from esteemed buddy can tame the fang of his bites.

To us JULY ONE is a marked day for a friend. A day when a man was born destined to be in the media. The unrewarding life he chooses to pursue and be at his best. The choice that makes the man happy and be in communion with himself, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANI. (Sandy Belarmino)

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