Monday, March 24, 2008


The turn of the century brought about changes in many aspect of human endeavor. Male chauvinism culture has gone passé and almost buried in oblivion. Not much are thinking that women are still the weaker sex, physically perhaps yes but not in capabilities where brute of strength is not needed.

In the forefront of war we have women soldiers. Nobody can under estimate their valor and courage in the odds of hardship and danger. They lord many flying machines and stir the rudder as a captain. These are male dominated professions but females are creeping slowly and surely.

Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher and Corazon Aquino have shown to the world they can control and guider a nation at the helm equally with if not better than any male . They are decisive, cool, and calm and collected under the hottest pressure of political instability. They survived the turmoil of intricate world of politics with an intact reputation for probity and competence.

Perhaps it is but fitting that in the month for women we pay tribute to the other half of humanity. Without them there is no continuity of human race. Tribute not only for ably managing home for the family to live in warm comfort of motherly love but also for being an indispensable partner in building a nation.

Right now appointments to judiciary and in the prosecution service are lorded by women. Leading advocates in trial court are dominated by lady lawyers. Probably the government search committee has recognized the dept of women’s know how in law and their passion to be the best in any field and for that quality alone statistic shows that many courts now are presided by lady judges.

Supreme Court has several Lady Justices. They are not push over. Once an anecdote said that in male dominated Supreme Court of the Philippines only one of its lady justices got the ball and guts to fight a dictator. Court of Appeal could not be left behind and right now the chief graft buster of the Ombudsman is a woman.

Our Governor is a woman Teresita “Ningning” Lazaro. We have a lady representatives in this province. Thank God we have many women with sterling qualities. We have many heroes too who served the cause of our nation. They are heroes who gave up their lives for other to enjoy the freedom of democracy.

We have to thank them endlessly as they illumined the darkest days of our history. Had it not for them all their wonderful achievement would have been overshadowed by the biggest blunder we committed in putting a women at the helm of power for she perched herself too in the apex of controversy hounding now our nation.

The crowning glory nonetheless is that women too are in the umbra of struggle to redeem that honor of motherly femininity of honesty and integrity. The demure ladies outshone the eminence of popish bishops who remain neutral in the midst of moral crisis. (sandy belarmino)

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