Monday, April 25, 2011


San Pablo City Bar President Atty. Hizon A. Arago, together with member-lawyers held a no-holds-barred dialogue with RTC Judge Agripino Morga, MTC Judge Jose Lorenzo dela Rosa, Chief Regional State Prosecutor Ernesto Mendoza, City Prosecutor Dodie Leyros and Clerks of Courts on April 14, 2011 at Glyden Josh Restaurant, Dagatan Boulevard this city under the sponsorship of the Bench and Bar Relations Committee chaired by Atty. Gregorio Villanueva.

The luncheon meeting which lasted until about 3 in the afternoon, focused on ways to set in place within the limits of legal framework, mechanisms that can effectively contribute to swift and just dispensation of justice.

Executive Judge Morga expressed elation over such collective show of commitment to establish communication lines between the Bench and Bar aimed at enhancing judicial image as the true and reliable ally of the oppressed. Important issues, which were brought to the fore, pertained to excessive fees and expenses that litigants had to bear to pursue their cases in court to include commissioners fees, Sheriffs fees, costs of transcripts and publication of orders and notices.

The Executive Judge encouraged lawyers to come forward and initiate formal complaints against any court personnel perceived to be exorbitantly charging their fees. He promised to act on grievances in earnest and with dispatch. He emphasized that unless a written complaint supported by affidavits is presented before him, he would have no adequate and plausible grounds to proceed and see it through up until its conclusion. On publication charges Judge Morga announced that he had a letter ready for distribution to all accredited publishers defining guidelines on how charges should be billed.

Atty. Arago expressed gratitude, in behalf of the Bar, to the attending judges, prosecutors and clerks of courts for their show of interest in supporting healthy dialogue between and among the principal players in the administration of justice. He assured them of the Bar’s resolve to serve as a potent partner in the efficient delivery and dispensation of justice in the city. The president added that the Bar shall regularly provide opportunities for similar interactions with the end in view of enhancing harmonious working relationship with courts and staff. (SEVEN LAKES PRESS CORPS)

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