Tuesday, August 19, 2008


San Pablo City – The Amben S. Amante Seminar on Campus Journalism will make its round to the public elementary and high school campuses through out this city for a series of lectures to enhance the talents of the student in communication, particularly the incoming staff of school paper through the sponsorship of City Administrator Loreto “Amben” S. Amante.

Designed primarily to give students practice in communicating ideas, the little course aims to build the confidence of the pupils at the grass roots in expressing their emotions, correctly, clearly and effectively with emphasis on practical writing in their entire student life to serve as foundation against the challenges for whatever career they may opt to choose.

In partnership with the Office of the City Mayor, Seven Lakes Press Corps (SLPC) and various local newspaper of the city, the lectures will tackle the fundamentals in writing a composition and general idea in composing newspaper articles such as news, editorial, features and other contents relative to the principles of unity, coherence and emphasis.

SLPC President and Herald Publications columnist Nani Cortez will be the main resource person and class session will be every Tuesday and Thursday. His maiden lecture was at San Vicente Elementary School last August 12.

Interested public elementary and high school in-charge are advised to get in touch with Office of the City Administrator, One Stop Shop Processing Center, San Pablo City Hall Complex Tel. No. 800-0197 or City Information Office Tel. Nos. 562-5743 and 562-3086 for schedule. A certificate of completion will be given to each successful participant as a testament of learning the basics of Campus Journalism. (7 Lakes Press Corps)

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